Talmu is the world wide leading brand of pedestrian reflectors. Talmu products high quality
pedestrian reflectors are produced with the benefit of 40 years' experience and expertise backed
by an extensive R&D programme, own toolmaking facilities and modern production machinery.
Our products exceed the reflective values of all existing standards, including the future CE
standard. Constant production quality control and a certified ISO 9001 quality system are proof
of our ongoing commitment to quality.

In spring 1999 Talmu pedestrian reflectors were CE certified according to a future CE-standard
for "High-visibility accessories for non-professional use". The standard states minimum
requirements for pedestrian reflectors within the CEN-countries and our reflectors are certainly
among the first to get this certificate - a significant proof of the high quality of our reflectors.

With a good 
retro reflector 
the driver can see 
you alredy of 
a distance of 150 mt. 
That gives the driver 
more time to react 
and to pass you safely




Irresistibile advertising
Choose a way of advertising that is really useful to the receiver! Advertising that promotes safety and helps saving lifes is appreciated everywhere.
Our reflectors are certifcated

ISO 9001 - CE

Wear a Talmu high quality reflector
and walk safely

  • ISO 9001 - CE quality
  • Made in Finland



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